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  • What is the rating & ranking of MSRIM?
    Ans: MSRIM has been consistently ranked among the top 70 B-Schools in India by allthe leading magazines / periodicals (in the last 2 years).
  • Is MSRIM recognised by AICTE/UGC/University?
    It is recognised by AICTE since 1995.
    • The DALAL STREET INVESTMENT JOURNAL rated the Institute among the Top 100 Business Schools of the country.
    • CAREER 360 in its B-School Survey 2013 has given 37th All India ranking to the Institute.
    • The Week magazine in its B-School Survey 2012 has given the Institute 70th All India Rank. The BUSINESS INDIA Magazine rated the Institute as A+ category B-School.
    • The OUTLOOK magazine in its B-School Survey 2012 has ranked MSRIM 63rd among all the B-Schools in India and 39th among all the Private B-Schools in India.
  • Does MSRIM permit lateral entry / transfer from sister Institutions / other Autonomous Institutions?
    Ans: Lateral entry not permitted. Transfer from sister Institutions is not done as a policy, but depending upon the nature of the case & subject to fulfilment of conditions, it perhaps will be considered
  • Are there any other courses offered by the Institute?
    Ans: MSRIM does not offer any other program other than PGDM approved by AICTE. However sister Institution of GEF, MSRMI & MSRAM function as Outreach centre of University of Mysore and offer the MBA course on full-time basis following the syllabus prescribed by the University of Mysore. Besides, these Institutes also offer Value Added Courses (14 subjects in Two years) and award certificate to the successful students. Value Addition Course takes care of granting additional specialization.
  • What are the courses offered by MSRIM and the corresponding certification?
    Ans: PGDM course is offered. It is a two year full time course across 4 semesters.The syllabus is designed by eminent personality from academic, Industry & In-house faculty duly approved by a distinguished board of studies. Performance Evaluationis by following Relative Grading System. The course consists of 38 subjects covers both core & specialization are all totalling to 114 credits and including a Summer Internship Project & Empirical project. Dual specialization is offered.
  • What is the fee structure, scholarship and fee waivers available?
    Ans: Fee structure: Rs. 6.90 lakhs per course to be paid in 1+4 instalments.
    Scholarship to the deserving candidate is offered based on the performance throughout the course of study.
    Fee Waiver: Sister Institutions MSRMI & MSRAM extend fee waiver facility.
  • What is the placement status in terms of options & pay packages?
    Ans: The Institute has a record of 98 % placements for the last 11 years. The placement policy provides every student to get 2 placement offers. Some students get even more options. More than 100 companies visit the campus.The pay package ranges from Rs. 3.5/- lakhs p.a to Rs. 14/- lakhs p.a. Placements are by & large within the country and a small percentage secure overseas employment.
  • What is the selection process for admissions to the program?
    Ans: The Institute has set up standard selection process to enable selection of meritorious candidates.
    • The eligible students register for the admission process at the opted centre and venue.
    • They will have to take the written test covering comprehension ability.
    • There on they participate in GD & PI
    • The results are announced by the end of the day.
  • What is the parents’ role & responsibility in the Admission Process?
    Ans: It is not mandatory for parents’ to participate in the admission process.If they desire to accompany their ward they are most welcome. They can verify the facilities available & accessible to facilitate their decision on admission. Parent / Guardian will have to endorse the compliance declaration of the students with regard to following the rules & norms of the Institute.
  • Whether hostel facilities are available?
    Ans: Yes, separate hostel for Male & Female students are available. Appropriate cost is Rs. 7,500 – 8,500 per month. (Lodging & Boarding), PG facility is also available around the campus.
  • Is Education loan facility for studying in MSRIM/MI & AM.
    Ans: Yes of course nearly 60% of our students avail educational loan Liaison with Bank professionals are facilated at the Admission Venue.