Summer Internship Project

Summer Internship Project
Summer Internship Project (SIP)

It is mandatory for all PGDM students to complete a Summer Project (work with industry) for a period of 8 weeks and work on a Project, which is relevant to the company / industry and is mutually decided by the company and the students. During the internship period students will be working under the guidance of a senior executive of the company concerned, and their progress is monitored by an internal faculty guide. It is a six credit course.The summer projects are assessed by a board of examiners at the  Institute. Summer Internship Project Reports are short listed and the best report is rewarded with a Gold Medal at the time of the convocation.

Empirical Study

The “Empirical Study” commences at the beginning of the 3rd Semester, when the students go into the 2nd year of their study, after completing their Summer Projects. The Empirical Study is a detailed study of any Company or Industry and enables a student to apply the basic managerial concepts that have been taught in the first year, especially Research Methodology and the practical aspects that have been learnt during the 6 to 8 week Summer Project. This may be industry based and / or library based, depending upon availability of time and is evaluated by a panel of faculty members. It is a six credit course.