Alumni Webinars:

Ramaiah Institute of Management is hosting a series of webinars by connecting with its alumni who are working  in various capacities in the industry. The Institute invites Alumni to get connected and share their expertise and knowledge with students/ Faculty and industry professionals. 

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Contact Email :

Phone Numbers(MDP Team):

Dr. Padmaja V: 9972599100 - Head- Training & MDP / FDP

Prof. Balasubramanian V: 9611822006

Prof. Neelakanteswaraswamy Bhavikatti: 9980315472

Dr. Sonali Sandipta Sahoo: 9475646986

Prof. Rangesh Shrinivasan: 9742942850



Conference on “Global Deceleration: Emergence of New Economy” on 27th August, 2020

Covid - 19 pandemic in the long run can provide an opportunity to bring the economy on sustainable path and this Conference provides a platform to deliberate on a number of issues to overcome the deceleration of the economy. The Conference on “Global Deceleration: Emergence of New Economy” on 27th August, 2020 aims to bring together leading academicians, researchers and scholars to share experiences, opinions, research results on all aspects of global deceleration and emergence of new economy.

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For Conference details contact:

Dr Triveni P. (Convener)

M: 9845090480

Prof. Jayashree Kowtal (Co-convener)

M: 9591772699

Prof  Niharika Mishra (Co-convener)

M: 9844401333

Prof.Jeevitha R. (Co-ordinator)

M: 9916089980



Webinar Series 2020

Ramaiah Institute of Management invites you to a series of webinars on contemporary management issues. The webinars commence from 1st June 2020 and end on 23rd June 2020.

The webinars will be on a diverse set of areas across every field of management. They will be for a period of 45 minutes and will include a Q & A session of 10 minutes. The morning session begins at 11:00 am and the afternoon session begins at 2:30 pm.

Contact Email :
Phone Numbers(MDP Team) :

Dr. Padmaja V: 9972599100 - Head Training & MDP / FDP

Prof. Balasubramanian V: 9611822006

Prof. Neelakanteswaraswamy Bhavikatti: 9980315472

Prof. Rangesh Shrinivasan: 9742942850

Dr. Sonali Sandipta Sahoo: 9475646986



Conferences Conducted

Year Theme of Conference 
2019-20 International Conference on the Applications of Digital Information and Web Technologies (ICADIWT  2019)
2018-19 National Conference on 'Indian Economy - Current Issues, Opportunities and Challenges'
2018-19 ' Future of Boards: The Emerging Challenges of Corporate Governance' Jointly hosted by Florida International University(FIU),Miami, Indian Institute of Management, Bengaluru and MSRIM at  Indian Institute of Management, Bengaluru
2017-18 International Conference on 'Emerging Trends in Management'
2017-18 National Conference on 'Strategic Decision Making - The Role of Business Analytics'
2016-17 National Conference on 'Digital India - Problems and Prospects'



Digital India

Indian Economy

Emerging Trends

Future of Boards – IIM Bangalore



Symposium on Industry 4.0: New Paradigms in Management was held on 28th February 2019 by following resource persons from Industry:

  • Mr. Manish Jain, Global Head - Training and Knowledge Management, Moody's Analytics Knowledge Services
  • Mr.PratapHegde, Managing Director Rane t4u Private Limited
  • Shrikant Bhat, PhD., Senior Principal Scientist, Indian Corporate Research Centre, ABB Ability Innovation Centre
  • Dr Augustus G S Azariah, Associate Director - Human Resources, IBM India
  • Ms.Anupama Shah, Independent Marketing Consultant & former Group Product Manager, Himalaya Drug   Company